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Service Level Agreement

For Social Media Marketing Services. 


  • Please note that while we make every effort to represent your business including its products and services accurately, you as the business owner remain responsible for any marketing messages that go out into the world. DOBE, its affiliates, owners and employees can not be held responsible for any legal action, issues, complaints or any negative feedback that may arise as a result of marketing material delivered on your behalf on your social media platforms by our team. All content will need to be approved by you, or the person you assign to oversee all content that we post on your behalf.
  • Instagram is owned by Facebook, and although they are separate companies, we follow Facebook’s standards and policies for all content.   
  • You as the business owner accept the terms and conditions of Facebook’s and Instagram’s community standards and advertising policies. Our team has been trained on these policies and know what may or may not be advertised as well as the manner in which content is advertised. Please ensure that you are aware of these policies. The policies can be viewed here:



  • By accepting this Service Level Agreement you also acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions laid out by these standards and policies. Our team will under no circumstances produce content that is in clear violation of any of these standards and policies. Our team will not be held responsible for any violation of such policies on your behalf. 
  • Please also take note that we cannot guarantee any specific results from your marketing efforts. Social media can be a great tool to find new clients and create brand awareness, but leads cannot be guaranteed. 
  • It remains your responsibility to ensure that qualified leads are captured, followed up and attended to. 
  • We strongly recommend that at least you as the business owner or a designated person is also actively engaged on your social media platforms. This will ensure that you can keep track of important updates and get a feel for what is going on in the social media realm. 
  • Facebook prefers companies to use their own ad accounts for boosting. We do however realise that this can be a sensitive issue when it comes to payment details. If at any time it becomes impossible for us to boost content from one of our ad accounts on your behalf, our team will have to work closely with you to create an ad account on your name in order to continue boosting your content. 
  • We will under no circumstances provide you with any of our personal login details or access to ad accounts which contains confidential information of our other clients. 
  • We require “admin” access to your page in order to fulfill our duties to you. We will add our team members as editors in order for them to complete their duties to you. 
  • If you cancel your service with us it is up to you to ensure that you remove our team as well as revoke access to our team on your page.
  • We reserve the right to remain on as an analyst on your page if you do not remove us. 
  • All information regarding your access to your accounts and pages will remain confidential, we are however allowed to use statistics on your ads and pages for our marketing purposes. 
  • You exempt DOBE from any legal issues that may arise from any content that is posted on your social media platforms, you also exempt us from any responsibility should you become involved in a copyright dispute. 


  • Please note that DOBE, its affiliates, owners and employees will not be held responsible for any copyright claims against you. This includes any wording, images, photos, videos, graphics, logos, fonts or any other content that is subject to copyright. You as the business owner should ensure that you have the necessary rights to use any material that you provide us in order to create content for your social media marketing
  • We make use of freepik.com, shutterstock.com for royalty free material that is used when creating your content. 
  • You agree to give us a perpetual license to use any content that we create for you to use in our own marketing materials. We may use your content on our website, social media platforms, printed materials, video as well as in advertisements. 
  • Any designs that we create for you are royalty free. We retain the intellectual property of the graphic designs as well as copywriting, but we allow you a perpetual license to reuse the content at your discretion. 


  • Graphic designs are an important part of content creation for your social media platforms. Our team are professionals in graphic design and effective marketing materials. There are however a couple of guidelines and restrictions that we adhere to, this is mostly because of Facebook’s strict policies concerning content that is used for ads, also referred to as “boosting”. 
  • All content that is intended to be used for advertising must strictly adhere to the policies laid out by Facebook. Please ensure you read the prohibited content as well as restricted content on Facebook;s advertising policies. Under no circumstances will our team create any content that is in clear violation of this. 
  • The actual designs of the posts consist of a couple of elements. This includes the following:
    • Image/ Design/ Photo
    • Copywriting (the wording)
    • CTA (Call to Action), such as contact information
    • Hashtags (such as #tbt etc, these are searchable elements, all posts that make use of a certain hashtags can be viewed together by clicking on the hashtag)
    • Tags (such as tagging another business, person or page) 
    • Links (including links to websites or other platforms) 
  • All images, designs and photos that are used in social media marketing must comply with the 20% text rule. This rule states that any image that is used in ads must not contain more than 20% text. This includes logos, prices, words or any other form of text. Text that are part of products may be exempt, but they require a manual review from Facebook and it is ultimately up to them to decide whether or not to approve the image. 
  • Facebook makes use of algorithms and bots to automatically check images for compliance. This means that the images are mostly subject to a “crude”1st round of reviews. When we say crude, we mean that the image is literally split into 25 blocks, if more than 5 blocks contain traces of text or logos, the image may not be approved or is penalised until a manual review is requested. 
  • Our design team has been instructed to adhere to this rule at all times. The only exception is slideshow ads, where we are able to have the 1st image of the slideshow be compliant to the policy and the subsequent images can include more than 20% text, however, when the ad is created, the compliant image must always be used as the cover image. 

*Update – Facebook no longer enforces the 20% text rule, although their review process still penalises images that don’t follow this rule. We agree that images should not have more than 20% text on them as cleaner, more concise images tend to work better for marketing purposes. 

  • The words that are used in a post should be clear, concise and to the point. Our general guidelines are to have no more than 50 words per post, although it is possible to have more words, the rest of the words may be hidden from the user unless they click on read more. Not a lot of users click on read more, and for creating brand awareness, sometimes less is more. We also limit hashtags to 3 or 5 relevant hashtags, as too many hashtags also tend to clog up and clutter the post. 
  • Each post should have one clear and focused CTA (Call to Action). This can be your phone number, a link, an email, an address or any other clear and concise action that a potential customer can take. Having too many CTA’s in one post can be distracting. What is the main way your clients get hold of you now? If most clients phone you, then you should use your phone number as a CTA as often as possible. If most clients email you, then rather include your email address. You can opt to try different CTA’s for different posts or vary between them to see if you get a better response, but in our experience, using the method that currently works best for you should be considered first. 

Page Monitoring 

  • Our page monitoring service ensures that there is always someone checking in on your page regularly. Social media is after all a social platform, people are encouraged to engage, comment, and talk to each other. In fact the whole platform has been built so people can communicate with each other and business. Please note that studies have shown, people tend to be mostly negative on social media. 
  • For the first time in history, everyone has a voice, an opinion and a place to use that voice and place that opinion. Unfortunately this means that more than 70% of all comments, messages and reviews are negative. This should not deter you from using social media, in fact, one of the best ways to gain the support of people is by showing that you care about your customers, by showing that you listen to them and appreciate their comments. A lot of the time you will see that businesses on social media will interact with you in order to resolve issues and open discussions. 
  • Page monitoring is a bit different from page management however, this means that our team will not actively manage your page as if they are an employee, instead one of our team members will check in on your page during weekdays and look for any new messages, comments and reviews. If possible our team will respond to any questions or queries that we are able to, such as providing contact information or information such as prices that we know. Mostly our team will notify you via our WhatsApp group of any messages, comments or reviews that require your attention, Ideally you would have someone to then log in and tend to those questions or queries. You can however send us your response via WhatsApp and our team will continue the conversation with the relevant person until they require your input again. 
  • Our page monitoring service is intended to increase the quality score of your page, it is shown publicly how responsive your business is to messages and comments. Businesses that are not very responsive will get penalised on their on page’s quality score. Although we are not exactly sure how this quality score is determined, we know that it is important to keep it as high as possible. 
  • Our team will therefore check in on your page once a day during weekdays. If we find any comments or messages that require your attention we will notify you via our WhatsApp group. 
  • Our team will not engage in any negative disputes online, we will not begin “fight”on your behalf with anyone. Our team will only provide sincere and neutral engagement with comments and messages. Our approach is simple for negative comments and complaints, if we find a negative feedback or complaints in a comment feed, we will attempt to resolve the matter within 2 replies, if this is not possible we will try to move the conversation to inbox or private messages, if the issue can still not be resolved the conversation should be moved offline. Your business is responsible for these encounters, our team will advise as best as they can, but ultimately the burden falls on you. 
  • Page monitoring also involves checking in on boosted content or ads daily, this is done to ensure that ads are not over or under spending and that they are not attracting negative feedback. 


  • Invoices will be sent out in advance. You pay for the service in advance. This means that if you start your service in June, you will have to make payment for it at the end of May. We work this way because we cannot recoup any money that has been paid over to Facebook for advertising. 
  • Invoices will be sent out between the 23rd and last day of the month, these invoices are due before the start of the next month. We will not run ads or boost any content if we do not receive payment. Any money that has been paid to Facebook is non refundable under any circumstances. 
  • We do not accept cheques. Please make payment via EFT to our bank account. Please use your Company name or invoice number as reference when making payments. Proof of payment can be sent to info@dobe.co.za to speed up payment processing. 
  • We have debit order facilities available should you prefer to pay via monthly debit order. Please request the debit order form from info@dobe.co.za 
  • We require 30 days notice to cancel our services. Our service agreements run for 3 months at a time. This means you have to commit to at least 3 months at a time. 

Monthly Work

  • Our service is built around a month to month principal. This means that we will require you at least once a month to engage with our team in a planning meeting to decide what you would like to focus one. Great designs can take time, so the more time we have to work on your content the better. We prefer to receive your planning during the last week of the following month or as soon as possible within the 1st week of the new month. This allows our team enough time to create the content needed to execute the plan. We require 24 hours turnaround time for any new designs and this is subject to our operating hours. 
  • Our operating hours are Mondays to Thursdays from 08h00 to 17h00. Fridays from 08h00 to 14h00. Please note that if you want posts on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday then you will have to ensure that you notify us before 17h00 on a Thursday. 
  • Posts are scheduled in advance, this means that we can create your month’s content all at once, get it approved by you and then schedule them to be shown at specific times and days. 
  • Please see your attached rates package for the minimum deliverables each month. Please take note that if we do not receive sufficient planning from you that our team cannot be held liable to carry over designs or work to the next month. We will do our best to fulfil the minimum expected requirements and deliverables of your service package, but we will not under any circumstances carry over work from one month to the next due to insufficient communication from you. 
  • We may reuse designs and templates for future work. 
  • You may request us to repost completed designs and posts that have already been posted. 
  • Ad budgets may be carried over from one month to the next. If we cannot spend the entire amount in a given month, we will allocate the remaining budget as credit to the next month and use that budget at our team’s discretion to either boost additional content, o0r split the credit over posts and ads for that month. 

Our Process

  • We follow a tried and tested process to ensure that your content looks great and works effectively


  • Planning is an important part of having a successful social media campaign. Once a month our team will contact you to do planning for the month. Our team may contact your via email, phone or WhatsApp.During this planning session we will advise you on upcoming holidays and important dates, as well as provide you with a couple of ideas on what you can do to promote your business. Things to consider are:
    • Are you launching any new products or services? 
    • Are you running any specials or promotions? 
    • Are you running any competitions?
    • Are you celebrating any milestones such as a new accreditation or company birthday? 
    • Celebrate your team and your customers. Are any of your employees celebrating their birthdays or achievements? Are any of your customers celebrating any milestones with you? 
    • Show off your work. Send us photos of your new products, completed projects or your team at work. We cannot always be around to capture every moment, so take out that smartphone and start capturing videos and photos of your business doing its thing. 
  • Create. Once we have a plan we need to work that plan together. This means that you should send us any new photos, videos, pdf’s, files, or any other content that could be useful to our design team. If we need to schedule a photo or video shoot this needs to be quoted for and planned in advance. Once our team has all the necessary material, they will get to work to design, edit, and write the words for your posts and ads. 
  • Proofing your content is super important, as you will ultimately be responsible for all content that goes out on your social media. This means that everything we do needs to have your eyes or the person you assign to approve content on it. We will not post or schedule anything that has not received the go ahead from you. Please double check that all information is correct, ensure the images are correct and true, make sure that prices and descriptions are correct, and always make sure that all your contact details are correct. We cannot be held liable for any errors on content that you have approved. Spelling and general contact information is something that we keep our team focused on, and we will make every effort to ensure that their details are not incorrect. But the substance of your content needs to be double checked by you or your assigned person at all times. If you require any changes to be made to your content, our team will be happy to do so, but please note that there are restrictions on this. We only allow 2 rounds of revisions before you will be billed for additional time, so please ensure that you send us all your changes and feedback in a timely and thorough manner. 
  • Please note that all proofing must be done either via email or WhatsApp as we need a “paper trail”. We will not accept approval over the phone or in person under any circumstances. 
  • Quality Control is an essential part of our service. During quality control we will scrutinise all content and put it under a microscope so to speak. We will ask a couple of important questions such as:
    • Is this offending anyone?
    • Is this discriminating against anyone? 
    • Is this type of content allowed by Facebook’s standards and policies? 
    • Are we allowed to use this content? 
    • Is this content misleading in any way? 
    • Are the prices and information correct? 
    • Has a spell check been performed? 
    • Do the links work? 
  • Once content has passed our quality control, the content will be scheduled or published on their specific dates and times, if we do not have a stringent timeline our team will decide when to post the content. Ads run as people use the apps, this means that the timing of a post is not too important if we boost the post. 
  • Our team will then monitor your posts and ads for comments, messages and review during weekdays to ensure that queries and questions are tended to. 
  • At the end of each month or early in the new month we will send you a short summary report with key metrics, including how many new page likes your Facebook page received, key metrics on ads such as the amount of people reached and the total amount of impressions your post/ad received,  the goal of the ad including engagements, video views and other metrics where applicable. The numbers on these reports may vary slightly from what is shown on Facebook’s ad manager and reporting tools ads metrics may be adjusted by the platform from time to time. We try to give you the most accurate data but unfortunately we cannot guarantee the numbers to be 100% correct. 

Changes to our Terms and Conditions 

  • Because the online realm is ever changing, we may have to update our service level agreement from time to time. We will send you an email notifying you of any changes. Please note that you will be required to accept the terms and conditions in order to continue making use of our services. We will highlight any changes in red. Our service level agreement and term and conditions may also be published on our website.